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Olivia Eveslage

2016-2019 Intern | Boston College '19

Marketing and Business Analytics Major

Philosophy Minor

What were your job responsibilities as a VPF intern?

I was responsible for day-to-day client communications and meeting prep. I also helped David and Ashley launch VPF's client newsletter and plan VPF client events. Events ranged from information sessions on key financial topics to client appreciation dinners.

What was your biggest takeaway from interning at VPF?

The impact a caring advisor can have on a client. I witnessed David and Ashley help multiple clients through different stages in life (births, deaths, buying new homes, deciding on retirement). Having an advisor that truly cares, who seeks to help the client reach their goals makes the work all the more rewarding.

How did your VPF internship prepare you for your career post-graduation?

VPF taught me the importance of loving the people you work with, how much more enjoyable any task can be if you are doing it surrounded by like-minded, kind individuals. My internship also taught me that if you are working in a space you are passionate about, work never feels like work. The VPF team was always passionate about the work they do on a day-to-day basis. I hope to carry both of these ideals with me throughout my career. 

What is one of your favorite memories from interning at VPF?

My favorite memory from interning at VPF was after our first client appreciation event that we had put on. With the help of David and Ashley, we had a speaker from the Commonwealth Financial Network come and discuss investing for retirement. The event went off without a hitch, the clients loved it! It was great to see how much they appreciated all the hard work the three of us put into the event.

Where do you work now?

I work at CMA Strategy Consulting as a Senior Analyst.

What are your job responsibilities?

  • Analyzing client and market data within the TMT industry.
  • Assessing viability of new market entry or investment opportunities in order to help our clients grow in the ever-changing telecom and tech industries.

What's your favorite part about your job?

Being part of an industry that is constantly changing and evolving.

If you had one piece of advice for someone entering the financial services industry, what would it be?

If you have the opportunity, talk with a number of firms to find the best fit for your interests. There are so many niche spaces within the financial services industry, some more client-facing (financial advisors like VPF), some more product-specific (like working for a specific fund). Internships and rotational programs are a great way to see what area of the industry you like best!