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🌍Americans-turned-expatriate retirees: Why is retirement abroad so popular?🌍 Thumbnail

🌍Americans-turned-expatriate retirees: Why is retirement abroad so popular?🌍

Picture this: You wake up on a typical Sunday morning in retirement. Beginning your daily morning routine, you roll out of bed and open your blinds. The view outside your window is the tropical country of Panama. 

Wow! Could it be possible to live in retirement with such a view? Well, in fact, not only is it possible, but it’s also quite popular among American retirees due to the lower cost of living, relaxed lifestyle, and potential for gorgeous year-round weather (depending, of course, on your chosen country). Retiring abroad can also help you retire sooner, depending on how much lower the cost of living is abroad!

These benefits, combined with the fact that 85% of American ex-pats report being happier in retirement abroad than before making the big move, explain why more and more Americans are retiring abroad every year.

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