Partner Ashley Ott Completes the 2017 Providence Marathon, 05/07/17

Providence Marathon 2017


Advisor Ashley Ott completed the Providence Marathon on May 7th 2017! She ran alongside two high-school students, from the DreamFar High-school Marathon Program, where Ashley volunteers as a mentor.

DreamFar High School Marathon (DHSM) is New England’s first high school marathon training program.  Ashley trained alongside the students starting in November and followed a vigorous 5 month training program, with early Saturday morning training runs. 

When asked to describe her mentees, Ashley said, "The DreamFar students inspire me every day, I could never imagine completing a marathon before completing high-school, and my students did it! The commitment and drive need to follow a marathon training schedule is no easy task. These high-school kids show grit!" 

Ashley became of mentor for DreamFar because it teaches the students realistic goal-setting and the value of commitment and teamwork – skills that ensure success in the classroom, on the road, and beyond.